Public Input

Public input is important during the Plan Review to ensure the updated planning documents reflect the views and aspirations of the residents living and working in the communities across the Regional Municipality.

Due to COVID-19 and the current public health restrictions, staff are planning on testing other methods to gather public input for the Plan Review. These methods may include information provided by letter or online video, online survey, website submission, email or telephone communication. 


Planning documents set out what Council intends for development and creates the rules to achieve those goals. In the current planning documents, Vaughan is considered a resource area which prioritizes forestry and other resource uses over all other uses.

Staff from the Planning and Development Department are reviewing the planning documents and creating one set of planning documents for the Regional Municipality. Staff held a meeting in Vaughan on November 5th, 2019 as part of the public engagement for the Plan Review. Many residents that attended the meeting felt that the development in Vaughan no longer solely prioritizes resource uses and is now more of a cottage and residential area than a resource area.

Planning and Development Department staff requested input from the residents of Vaughan to determine main type of development that should be prioritized in Vaughan over the next 20 + years. Staff held two virtual public question and answer sessions on November 4 and November 12, 2020. Residents were asked to submit their responses by November 18, 2020. Staff are processing the responses received and working on an information report to the Planning Advisory Committee.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 902-798-8391 Ext. 190 to tell us your thoughts.

What is Planning?

Planning considers the community’s goals and values for growth and development of land and resources. It provides options on how to reach these goals and minimize conflicts that could arise.

What are Planning Documents?

The Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS), Land Use By-law (LUB) and the Subdivision By-law, adopted by Council, are known as the Municipal planning documents. 

The MPS contains the long-term vision (20+years) for what the community will become. The LUB contains the rules used to make that vision a reality. The Subdivision By-law regulates the division and addition of land.

What is a Plan Review?

A plan review provides an opportunity to review the current planning documents and accommodate changes to current environmental, social and economic climate. The last Plan Review was conducted in 2008.

How Do You Participate?

We will be hosting engagement events, public workshops and contests. We would enjoy hearing what you love about West Hants and what you think could be improved.

A land use survey was prepared in 2017-2018 to map out how residents are currently using their land. Check your property and let us know if we got it right.

An interactive map has been created too that has a space provided that allows you to leave comments about your neighbourhood.

Planning staff hosted a variety of meetings in communities across West Hants in 2019 (2019 Meeting dates & locations). Stay tuned for a community meeting near you.

Why Does Your Opinion Matter?

We need your help in determining what West Hants Regional Municipality will become.

Planning documents guide how the Municipality will make decisions on new development, land use, and infrastructure over the next 20 years. Your feedback will help us learn what works and what could be done better to achieve the goals of our communities.

All feedback will be documented in a “What We Heard” report which will be available to the public and circulated to Councillor and staff.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or call any of the following Planning and Development staff to tell us your thoughts. 
Saira Shah, Planner - 902-798-8391 Ext. 118
Sara Poirier, Planner - 902-798-8391 Ext. 117
Madelyn LeMay, Director of Planning and Development - 902-798-8391 Ext. 114

Survey Question

Survey questions will be picked from key questions that are presented at a public engagement session. Survey responses will be anonymous.


Background Reports


population pdf Population Background (2.74 MB)
housing pdf Housing Background (4.94 MB)
 land pdf Land Background (5.71 MB)
 agra pdf Agriculture (5.05 MB)
 ECD pdf Economic Development (5.01 MB)
 infra pdf Infrastructure (9.50 MB)
 industry pdf Industry and Resource (5.38 MB)
 heritage   pdf Heritage and Culture (6.81 MB)
health pdf Community Health and Services (6.58 MB)

West Hants Plan Review 2001-2008

The West Hants planning documents were approved by Council on May 13, 2008, following a 7½-year plan review process. The new documents took effect on June 26, 2008.
In the fall of 2001, the Planning and Development Department began work on a comprehensive review of the four Municipal Planning Strategies (MPS) and Land Use By-laws (LUB) that covered the Municipality. The intent was to combine the four separate planning documents into one more comprehensive and consistent document.

The first stage of the Plan Review was to research and prepare background reports which included a statistical profile, an agricultural profile, and a mining profile. Staff also carried out land use surveys.

Public engagement began in June 2002 when a survey was sent out to every household in Windsor and West Hants. Public meetings were held in the fall of 2002 in seven West Hants communities to present the survey results, advise of the Plan Review process and seek further input on future directions for the new planning documents. Two meetings were held with land developers and one with the agricultural community to obtain insight into the special concerns of these interest groups.

Throughout the winter of 2003, staff worked with West Hants Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) members to develop an overall vision which would form the framework for the new planning documents. In June 2003 PAC held a public meeting to present the vision to the public.

In May 2005, a meeting was held to present a draft of the agricultural land use provisions to farmers and other landowners in proposed agricultural zones. Public involvement in the Plan Review continued into November 2005 when a planning charrette in Falmouth explored issues related to residential density and servicing within that community.

By June 2007, PAC was ready to present complete drafts of the MPS and LUB to the public. Meetings were held in seven West Hants communities, with more than 160 people attending. The draft documents were generally well received, although some concerns were raised. In the months following the meetings, PAC spent a great deal of time discussing ways of addressing the concerns and making revisions to the documents. In November 2007, a public meeting was held to receive comments on the draft Subdivision By-law. Changes to this By-law were needed to reflect new policies in the proposed Municipal Planning Strategy.

Revised drafts of the new planning documents were presented to the public at a Public Information Meeting on February 21, 2008. Following legal review and editing, the documents proceeded to public hearing and adoption by Council on May 13, 2008.

 Background Reports and Information