We offer a full range of payment options for your convenience.

By Mail

Mail your cheque or money order along with the remittance portion of your invoice, to:

The Region of Windsor and West Hants Municipality
PO Box 3000,
Windsor NS B0N 2T0 

**Please allow sufficient time for the payment to reach our office by the due date to avoid late charges.

Drop Box

A 24-hour drop-off payment box is located at the front entrance to our office at 76 Morison Drive,Windsor 
Please DO NOT INCLUDE CASH in payments made via the drop box. 

In Person

Payments can be made in person at the Municipal Office (76 Morison Drive, Windsor) Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm. Methods of payments accepted at the counter are cash, cheque, money order, or debit card. 

Internet Banking or Telephone Banking

Most financial institutions offer their own services and methods of registration, so please contact your financial institution for details and ask whether they provide a recurring payment option.
Please allow five business days for online or telephone banking transactions to be processed. 

Please note - a first and second (final) notice will be sent out to customers that are misquoting telebanking information. These notices will provide direction on how to correctly input payee and account information. Future payments may be returned to your bank if account information remains incorrect.

Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP) Program

We offer the following pre-authorized payments(Info: PAP Info Form) as a means of paying annual tax bills and/or quarterly water bills:

Tax Payment Options

Property Tax - Full Amount

This option allows the customer to pay the full amount of the annual Tax bill on the 28th of September each year. Complete the corresponding Property Tax PAP Enrollment Form W WH PAP Form WWH Logo Taxes, checking off the box for Full Amount. The tax account must be current prior to enrollment.

Property Tax - Monthly Withdrawal

This option can serve as a substitute for customers who currently pay their taxes via post-dated cheques. Complete the corresponding Property Tax PAP Enrollment Form W WH PAP Form WWH Logo Taxes, check off the box for Monthly Withdrawal, indicating the monthly withdrawal amount and the month you would like your payments to begin. Your bank account will be debited on the 28th of each month.

You will continue to receive your annual property tax billings and an annual reminder notice that you can use to maintain your records.
Interest will be charged on outstanding balances as normally applicable.

Water Utility Payment

Complete the corresponding Water Utility PAP Enrollment Form W WH PAP Form WWH Logo Water The full amount of your water bill debited from your bank account two (2) business days before the due date.


Important Notes - Pre Authorized Payments

Void Cheque must be included upon submission of PAP Enrollment Form. If you do not have a void cheque, please contact your financial institution. 

To enroll in the Pre-Authorized Payment Program, return the completed application form at least thirty (30) calendar days before the first withdrawal as stated on the enrollment form. 

If you are enrolled in the PAP Program and want to change your banking information, you must complete a new enrollment form at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to your next monthly payment.

To cancel your pre-authorized payments, we require notice of cancellation in writing thirty (30) calendar days prior to the next scheduled payment. Payment may not be eligible for return after the closing date of a property. Please contact us if you are considering selling or have sold your property.

It is important that all tax payers on Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) examine their annual bill for outstanding balances. It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to ensure their tax account remains current. Monthly interest will be charged on outstanding balances as applicable.

If your PAP returns non-sufficient funds, or otherwise, a fee of $25.00 is applied to your account. Under the Canadian Payment Association regulations, those signed up for PAP will be removed from the program after two NSF automatic debits.

Please mail your completed PAP form and void cheque to:

The Region of Windsor and West Hants Municipality
76 Morison Drive
PO Box 3000
Windsor, NS B0N 2T0

Completed forms can also be delivered in person to our office at 76 Morison Drive, Windsor 

If you require assistance or have any questions call us at 902-798-8391 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.