Folder Committees of Council

Councillors participate in various committees which were either created by Council for advisory purposes or are formed by Provincial or private entity in which the Regional Municipality has significant interest.

Councillors are appointed to committees every 2 years or in accordance with the committees or organizations by-laws and policies.

Some committees have resident appointment to provide an alternate perspective on the committee or to represent the Regional Municipality and its interests. Here is a list of Councillor and resident member appointmented to various Committees,  pdf Regional Committee Appointments as of May 28, 2022 (114 KB)

Folder Accessibility Committee
Folder Archived Committee Documents (pre-consolidation)
Folder Audit Committee
Folder Committee of the Whole
Folder Council
Folder Davidson Lake Watershed Advisory Committee
Folder Fences Arbitration Committee
Folder French Mill Brook Watershed Advisory Committee
Folder Hantsport Area Advisory Committee
Folder Hantsport Area Advisory Committee
Folder Mill Lakes Watershed Advisory Committee
Folder Municipal Climate Change Action Plan Committee
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Folder Planning Advisory Committee & Heritage Advisory Committee
Folder Police Advisory Board
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