We are so fortunate to have these incredible recreation sites, parks and open spaces in our region where we can connect with each other and enjoy nature.

The Region covers 124,200 hectares of land. Within it, the Avon River empties into the Minas Basin where the world’s highest tides rise and fall along 160 kilometers of shoreline and the banks of tidal rivers. Thirty kilometers of dykes protect 2,436 hectares of land. A variety of lakes and rivers provide opportunities for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and boating.

There are two Provincial Parks (Smileys and Falls Lake), two Park Reserves (Cheverie Salt Marsh and St. Croix), wilderness areas, 12% protected lands (as identified by Environment NS,) and Crown land within the Region.

The Region currently own and/or manage 73 parcels of parks and open space land, totaling 492.5 acres. Forty three of these parcels are used for recreational purposes and, currently, twenty-one sites have been developed and are maintained as recreation sites.

Armstrong Lake Park

Address: 640 Armstrong Lake East Road, Vaughan

Parks and open space contribution from land subdivision.

Armstrong Lake 2007 035


Avondale Wharf and Waterfront

Address: 1 Avondale Rd, Newport Landing

This area is formerly a New England Planter settlement. Due to the proximity to water, ship building was an important industry. The Wharf was divested from the Federal Government to the Municipality in 1990 and was rebuilt by the community for $13,000.00. In 1996, the former Municipality of the District of West Hants entered into a lease agreement with the Avon River Heritage Society to allow that organization to develop a portion of the property.

Avondale Wharf1


Brooklyn Fire Hall Trail

Address: 995 Highway 215, Brooklyn.

The path was developed in 2011 as an outdoor option of the indoor walking opportunity that is hosted at the Brooklyn Civic Centre.

Brooklyn Fire Dept Trail


Burgess Crescent Park & Playground

Address: 30 Burgess Crescent, Windsor

Includes a playground, picnic tables, benches, and playing field.

burgess crescent playground


Causeway Trail

Address: Loop trail around Pisiquid Lake, Windsor

2.4km gravel and paved trail around Lake Pisiquid. Trail connects Falmouth Mini Park, Windsor Waterside Park, Windsor Skatepark, and Riverview Trail trailhead. Trail amenities include lights, washrooms, picnic areas, park benches, and interpretive signage.

Windsor Waterfront Entrance Sign 

Cheverie Salt Marsh Restoration Trail

Address: 6500 Highway 215, Cheverie.

This parcel was purchased in 2006 by the former Municipality of the District of West Hants from Lacy Calcutt and Willie McKay. The Restoration Trail was leased by the West Hants Trail Association and the inventory and restoration of the Salt Marsh was initiated by the community. The local community organized the Cheverie Crossway Salt Marsh Society. Camera Obscura built by Dalhousie University Architecture students in 2012. In 2019, the West Hants Trails Association transferred trail/park responsibility back to the West Hants Municipality.”




Chittick Park

Address: 19 Chittick Ave, Hantsport.

The park was created during the former Town of Hantsport’s Centennial year, 1995.



Dr. Silas Rand Park

Address: Riverview Road, Hantsport.

Land donated to the former Town of Hantsport from Leo and Joyce Vaughn in 1995. Park named after Dr. Silas Rand, a Baptist Missionary to the Mi’kmaq people. Extensive history is available at the Municipal Office.



Eldridge Road Recreation Site

Address: 156 Eldridge Rd, Upper Falmouth.

Parcel was purchased in 1988 from Bernard Curry. The land was developed cooperatively between the Falmouth Community Hall Association and the former Municipality of the District of West Hants.



Elmcroft Park

Address: 306 Stannus Street, Windsor

Includes a playground, swings, 2 beach volleyball courts and grassy area as well as the Hants Aquatic Centre.

elmcroft 2 


Falls Lake Municipal Land Trail

Address: 550 Pioneer Dr, Vaughan.

History: Parks and open space contribution from land subdivision.



Falmouth Mini Park and Causeway Trail

Address: 2127 Highway #1 Falmouth, NS.

The former Municipality of the District of West Hants entered into a lease agreement with the Department of Transportation in the early 1980’s that allowed the use of the land for recreational purposes. In the early 1990’s the Municipality and the Windsor and Area Jaycees agreed to develop.

Falmouth Mini Park


Foundry Field

Address: 10 Foundry Road, Hantsport.

A lease agreement was developed in 2005 between the Minas Basin Pulp and Power Company Ltd. and the former Town of Hantsport to develop a soccer field for soccer players, who had previously been using the baseball pitch.



Fundy Centennial Park

Address: 1 Avon St, Hantsport.

Lands donated by USG Canadian Mining Ltd, Fundy Gypsum Company Division to the former Town of Hantsport for recreation in 1993. The park was created during the former Town of Hantsport’s Centennial year, 1995.


Hobarts Beach

Address: 192 Block Wharf Rd, Summerville.

Deeded to the former Municipality of the District of West Hants on November 21, 1991 by Fundy Gypsum Company Limited.



Irishmans Road Recreation Site

Address: 151 Irishmans Road, Newport Station.

The park sits on land formerly used as a municipal landfill, which was decommissioned in 1984. The soccer fields were named the Ryan Lahey Memorial Soccer fields in 2011 in memory or Ryan Lahey.



Kempt Quarry Recreation Site

Address: Kempt Forest Drive, Kempt Shore.

Decommissioned gypsum quarry. The land was deeded to the former Municipality of the District of West Hants in 1976. It was developed as a recreation site in the mid 1990’s, spearheaded by the community.



McDade Park

Address: Prince Street, Hantsport.

Park named after 19th mayor of the former Town of Hantsport, Garnet McDade. The park sits on the original site of the Presbyterian Church (1897-1980).



Riverview Trail

Address: Connector trail between Water Street, Lakeview Drive, and River Street, Windsor

800 m of gravel trail along shore of Lake Pisaquid, stairs connect to Lakeview Drive and River Street, small beach water access.

riverview brick path 


Rotundus Park

Address: Colonial Road, Windsor, by the off ramp of Hwy 101 across from carpool parking lot.

Includes gazebo, pond, interpretative panels on dykes and picnic tables.


Shamrock Ball Field

Address: 11 School St, Hantsport.

History: This land parcel was deeded to the former Town of Hantsport in 1928 by the Hantsport Amateur Athletic Association.



St. Croix Recreation Site

Address: 54 Ball Park Rd, St. Croix.

History: Land originally owned by Aubrey Smiley and was purchased by the Crown when Highway 101 was constructed. The Crown deeded the remaining lands to the former Municipality of West Hants in 1975 with the stipulation that it be used for recreation purposes.

Fast Pitch 1st Day of School 2004 067

ste croix ballfield stadium 2 copy


Tregothic Trail

Address: Connector trail between Wentworth Road, Windsor Elementary School and Payzant Road, Windsor

1.4 km of gravel connector trail between Wentworth Road, Windsor Elementary School, hospital, Avon View High School, and subdivisions

tregothic entrance 


Upper Burlington Planters Trail

Address: No 215 Hwy/ Old Walton Road, Upper Burlington.

This park parcel is situated on (and near) land that was once inhabited by Mi’kmaq, Acadian, Planter, and Loyalist communities. This 3.0 acre property was purchased by the former Municipality of  the District of West Hants in September 1998 and then leased to the Upper Burlington Community Hall Association on January 13, 2000 to be used for recreation purposes only.



Victoria Park

Address: 78 Stannus Street, Windsor

Located beside the Windsor Community Centre, Victoria Park is home to a beautiful gazebo that acts as a bandstand for inspiring artists and many other uses. 

Victoria Park


Windsor Waterfront Skatepark

Address: located along the Lake Pisiquid waterfront - behind the Windsor Mall 

The Skatepark has a four stair set with a hubba ledge/rail combo, 2 ft high china bank-style slappy wall, 4 ft quarter pipe and a transitional flat bank. Total area is about 3,000 sqft. The Waterfront Skatepark is located adjacent to the bandstand in Waterfront Park in Windsor.

windsor skatepark


Windsor Waterside Park

Includes exercise equipment, gazebo, skate park, Pisiquid Canoe Club, outdoor basketball courts, trail and floating docks.

 Windsor Waterside Park