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A brand represents who we are, what we stand for, and how people and stakeholders experience us. It is why people want to live here, work here, build a business, invest, do business with us, and visit. It is also our commitment to a guaranteed experience.

Over the past nine months, our Branding Leadership team consisting of community participants and staff have worked with branding & marketing consultant Prime Creative to create a community brand for West Hants Regional Municipality. Their experiences, expertise and enthusiasm paired with a review of the past few years' community engagements, data and great conversation have brought us to where we are now…our new brand.


No matter where you look in the West Hants region, you'll discover the rare qualities that make the region so distinct. From Walton to Windsor, Saint-Croix to Garlands Crossing, from Vaughan to Hantsport and all points in between, you will find beautiful landscapes, different cultures, rich history, unique businesses, and warm people.

You will find communities linked, working, building, discovering, and enjoying life together for thousands of years. As far back as the First Peoples, the Mi'kmaq used the region's rivers, creeks, and brooks as transportation routes and as a source for food and shelter. And while, over the years, our communities grew and businesses flourished, we have never lost sight of our lust for life or our spirit of purpose.

West Hants is a special place full of creative, innovative, and resourceful people. We are home to a beautiful blend of small towns and rural communities, diverse heritage and vibrant culture, pristine natural beauty, and world-class, awe-inspiring places. This place offers all those who live here the opportunity to build a family, pursue a career, create a business, and live a more prosperous life than most have ever thought possible. And for those who visit, be they from far or near, we say discover for yourself a place where rich experiences await around every corner.

West Hants. Something inspiring awaits delivers on the promise of discovery and reward. Throughout the region, you'll find unexpected treasures tucked away in every corner of every community, providing a more prosperous life. This idea of the individual communities adding up to the promise of a more prosperous life inspired the new West Hants logo. The sun represents the blend of creative, innovative, and inspiring people, beautiful landscape, rich history, and vibrant culture throughout West Hants communities. The sun's rays are representative of the many communities that make up West Hants. The multi-coloured beams are a nod to the diverse and creative nature of these communities.

The power of a symbol like a sun becomes a complete symbol when all the individual pieces work in harmony to form the sun's shape. The same is true with West Hants. The idea that the sum is greater than the parts is essential here. As each community contributes with its unique offerings, the sun becomes complete and genuinely shines.

The West Hants logo consists of nine colours, representing the vibrancy and abundance of rich experiences discovered in the West Hants region. Bright colour is a big part of the West Hants brand, and the vibrancy helps reinforce the story.

The colour palette chosen has several meanings. Yellow was first selected as the colour of the sun, but also because it serves as the central shape that unites the separate communities. Each of the sun's rays represents the unique attributes of West Hants and the individual personalities of the communities. The blue is representative of the water that is central to West Hants. The brown represents the signature mud colour of the shores, and green the fields and rolling hills. The remaining colours complement the yellow, blue, green and brown and express the individuality of the communities that make up the West Hants region.

Our Brand ~ Our Story