NOTE: Please review the area-specific details below to ensure you are following the correct curbside guidelines; although the Solid Waste Bylaws will be merged, there are currently some differences between the West Hants and Windsor Bylaws, such as differing restrictions on black bags (or any solid-coloured bag). 

 West Hants - Area 1, Area 2 & Area 3: 

CLEAR BAGS ONLY -- no black bags (or other solid-coloured bags) are permitted for curbside collection. 

  • For Garbage waste, ONE(1) small solid-coloured 'privacy bag' can be placed inside each clear garbage bag (i.e. kitchen-catcher, grocery bag, etc.).
    • No 'privacy bag' is permitted for Recycling waste -- Garbage only. 


Windsor Area:

ONE(1) black bag (or other solid-coloured bag) per household -- all other bags must be CLEAR. 

  • No solid-coloured bags are permitted for Recycling waste -- Garbage only.