Free Lead Sampling Program

There is nothing more important to our Water Utilities than providing our customers with safe, affordable and reliable water.

Part of this is keeping your household safe from lead. While we treat and test water to make sure that it is lead-free when it leaves the treatment facility and travels through the water mains, some older homes in our community have lead in service lines, household plumbing materials and faucets.

As you may be aware, Health Canada recently decreased the maximum acceptable concentration of lead in drinking water.  As a result of this, the Municipality is offering a FREE lead sampling program for Water Utility customers.

We are looking for volunteers in each of our water utilities (Three Mile Plains, Windsor, Falmouth and Hantsport) to participate in this program to help in determining lead levels in our community’s homes.


Ideally, the homes we test would be those built prior to 1985 with lead plumbing and/or with copper pipes with lead soldering and brass fixtures. *Should we receive more than 20 volunteers per area we will select homes with the highest risk potential.

Through the summer months, we will be collecting samples to create a “profile” of our systems lead levels. Residences who participate in the program will be provided with sample bottles and full sampling instructions. The instructions are really simple. Basically all you will have to do is collect samples on a day that you have not ran a tap for six hours, like when you first wake up or when you get home from work, fill the bottles and let us know when they're ready to be picked up. Once we receive the results of the tests we will share them.  

If you'd be interested in being considered for the FREE lead sampling program please fill out the Lead Sampling Submission Form found here. Each eligible volunteer will be entered into a draw for a basket filled with local goodies.

More information on lead in pipes and plumbing can be found here. Let's work together to get the lead out!